Google Updates Mobile Maps For Android with Enhanced Navigation

It seems that Google just never stops upgrading Google Maps, whether it’s adding more locales or rolling out app updates. Today, its app updates again; Google announced that it has updated the Google Maps app for smartphones and tablets, and it seems to be a rather substantial one at that.

First, there’s now a dedicated tablet version of the app for Android devices and iPads, and Google has removed Latitude and check-ins from the Maps app. Instead, some of that functionality has been bumped over to Google+. The offline maps feature for Android is gone, replaced with the ability to enter “OK Maps” into the Search box.

Google Maps for tablets with cards and new navigation

One salient new feature is that by tapping the Search box without actually entering anything in it, Google Maps will bring up several cards for local attractions such as bars, restaurants, and hotels. For navigation, the new app allows users to see road problems on the map and then tap to see more details of the problem, and Google Maps will generally alert you if it finds a better route than the one you’re currently taking.

Google Maps now has dedicated tablet apps

The new Maps app is compatible on devices running Android Ice Cream Sandwich or Jelly Bean and iOS 6 and higher.