Google Updates Chrome, Chrome 25 To Include Voice Recognition

In other Google news for today, the search giant announced the latest update to Chrome (Chrome 25), which adds voice recognition capabilities via the Web Speech API. The API is intended for developers, who can bake in speech recognition to their web apps; Google mentions the ability to have rap battles or control game characters in web apps using only one’s voice.

More simply and practically, Google set up a little demo page where you can “type” up an email just be speaking into your computer’s microphone. Fair warning: The demo only works on updated Chrome browsers.

Chrome voice

The new Chrome release also disables silent extension installs, which is designed to allow users to consent to all extensions before they’re installed and therefore helps keep Chrome running fast and helps keep the browser safe.

Chromebook Pixel
Chromebook Pixel

It’s become commonplace to use speech functions on mobile devices, but not everyone has had the chance to talk to a computer and have it obey. (In fact, most of us have experienced the opposite. Shouting at computers when something isn’t working right never seems to work.) This new development is an intriguing one, especially in light of the fact that Google has now implemented touchscreen capabilities into Chrome OS with its Chromebook Pixel laptop. Just like that, there are two new ways of interacting with your computer via Google's platform.