Google TV Remote App Released For iPad, iPhone And iPod Touch

You may have forgotten about Google TV. We can't really blame you, nor can we say that Google TV has really been able to gain traction in the market. Google has shown a willingness to push things out into the market without actually knowing how it'll turn out; Android has taken off and become a huge success, while things like Buzz, Wave and Google TV have faltered. That said, GTV is still around in some fashion, and some folks are definitely still using it. And if you're one of those people, this new development is for you.

Early on, Google released an Android application that enabled one's phone to be used as a Google TV remote control, but the millions of iPhone users wondering if they would be taken care of had nothing to show for. Now, that problem is over. Google has just released a Google TV Remote app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch; all you need is iOS 3.0+. The video here shows exactly what the app is capable of, but here are the basics: Your phone improves standard TV remote activities like changing channels or accessing your DVR, and you can also interact with your TV in ways you never have before. For instance, try using the voice search to find your favorite shows and movies just by speaking into your phone.

It's a free download, so you've nothing to lose. The only real downside? The iOS version doesn't currently support the sharing of web pages from phone to TV screen, but hopefully that can be added in a later release.