Google To Unveil $15/Month Subscription Music ‘Family Plan’ At Tomorrow’s Android Marshmallow Event

Those of you with kids and a significant other know the struggle when it comes to streaming music services. You can try to share an account with the little ones, who will leech on and seemingly fire up playlists during every waking moment (or at least when YOU want to rock out to some tunes), or suck it up and get them their own subscription. This is where family plans come into play, and Google is reportedly jumping on board with the multiple user movement.

According to the folks at Android Police, new Nexus handsets and Chromebook models aren't the only thing Google will unveil tomorrow. It's also planning to announce a $14.99/month family streaming tier for its Google Play Music subscription service. Users who subscribe to the family plan will have access to unlimited on-demand streaming for up to half a dozen family members, each of which will be able to manage their own account.

Google Play Music

That means you can fire up a playlist of classic rock while little Billy bangs his head on the wall and screams at the top of his lungs to his collection of death metal, or whatever it is kids listen to these days. It also means an end to the frustration that comes from finding out someone added Justin Bieber tracks to your playlist.

You can probably thank Apple for this one. There's little doubt that Google's decision was influenced by the fact that Apple Music subscribers can opt for a $14.99/month family plan that also allows for up to six simultaneous users. What about Spotify? It too has a $14.99/month plan, but it only covers two users. From there, the price goes up -- $19.99/month for three users, $24.99/month for four users, and $29.99/month for five users.

One thing that will be interesting to see is if Google offers any kind of special pricing for early adopters who signed up for Google Play Music at $7.99/month instead of its current $9.99/month rate.