Google Shutting Down Reader, Voice For BlackBerry, And Cloud Connect Services

Are you a frequent user of Google Reader? Tough luck! Google has had an ongoing "spring cleaning" for a few years now, shutting down peripheral services and items that it simply can't find time to focus on as a more mature, publicly-traded company. For the most part, the shut-downs have only angered a minority, but it seems the decision to sunset Reader has awaken a hornet's nest. While RSS as a whole isn't quite as popular as it once was, Reader was one of the more popular ways to view 'em. And, perhaps more importantly, a lot of services used Reader in some way or another.

In addition to Reader, which is scheduled to be killed in July, there's also Google Building Maker, Cloud Connect, and Google Voice for BlackBerry -- all of those are facing their own graves soon. Also, Google is halting sales and updates for Snapseed Desktop for Mac and Windows, but Android / iOS support will soldier on.

So, in the latest round of Google kills, which one hurts you the most?