Google Shutting Down And Tweaking Even More Services In "Spring Cleaning"

Google has been giving up on a lot of its dreams over the past few years. While the company once prided itself on doing a zillion different things at once, it's aiming to prioritize, focus and kill off projects that just aren't up to snuff. While that's probably great for employees, it's oftentimes upsetting for consumers who miss the wild and wonderful Google of yesteryear. In around round of "Spring cleaning," never mind that it's fall, the company is tidying up and killing off a few more things.

AdSense for Feeds will be retired starting October 2nd, with December 3rd being the official closing date. Publishers can continue to use FeedBurner URLs powered by Google, so they won’t need to redirect subscribers to different URLs. Classic Plus is a Google Search feature that lets people upload or select images to use as a background on, but after October 16th, users won't be able to upload new images. Starting in November, it'll be canned altogether. Perhaps one of the more disturbing changes has to do with Google Storage. For those with legacy storage option (paid), the purchased storage + free storage setup will fade, and instead you'll be downsized to jut the amount of storage you paid for. In other words, those with 25GB total will soon see 20GB total. Ouch.

Places Directory was an Android app that helped people find nearby places of interest, but according to Google, all of that can now be found in Maps, so that app has been yanked. For more on what's changing, you can visit the Via link.
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