Google Shutters Beloved Google Reader, Digg Rolls Out Plans For Their Own

We already covered the sad, sad notion that Google is shutting down its famed Reader RSS platform, and that has left many RSS loyalists looking for an immediate alternative. And now, Digg is taking advantage of the situation. Digg was once a huge force in the social sharing game, but as Facebook, Twitter and newer forms of networking took off, Digg usage began to sink. After a fresh redesign, the team is now placing a "top priority" tag on the building of an all new RSS reader. And the goal, of course, is to capture as many ex-Reader users as possible.

In order to do so, the company is accelerating a plan it said was already in the works -- a plan to construct its own reader. In fact, it's even including the Google Reader API in order to minimize confusion, but it plans to better incorporate other social networks in order to make RSS even more modern. If you're interested in helping Digg produce something great, visit the Via link and add your suggestions. The company is actually soliciting feedback from comments in order to build the thing. Pretty excellent, if you ask us.