Google Shows You How To "Get Your Google Back" On Windows 8

If you've recently picked up a copy of Windows 8, or a new machine with Windows 8 onboard, you may be missing something: Google. Microsoft's Windows 8 makes certain that Internet Explorer and Bing are front-and-center, shoving Google, Mozilla, and the rest of the browser / search crowd out of the door. But Google's making sure that it's easy to regain Chrome support, and to add Google search to your Windows 8 Start screen. It's actually not difficult, particularly since Google established a website dedicated entirely to helping you out here. (Yes, it's a pretty clever marketing tactic for Google, but you have to hand it to them -- no one else could pull this off in the same fashion.)

You'll just need to visit on your Windows 8 machine, and there you'll find easy-to-click download buttons for the Google search widget and the Chrome browser. Pin 'em to your Start screen, and take a deep breath. Here's a video to show you exactly how it's done:

Tags:  Google, Search, Windows