Google Showcases "Getting Started" Video For Early Glass Buyers

Google's consumer version of Glass has yet to even ship -- in fact, many of those who registered to order one at Google I/O 2012 have yet to receive their order form. But that's not stopping the search giant from getting as much information on Glass out there as possible. Wearable computing is likely to have a massive impact on consumers at large in the years ahead, with some apt to select the wristwatch while others create computers that you wear on your face.

Glass has captivated the masses, with some being giddy about its potential and others being terrified of the privacy issues. And if you're interested for one reason or another, you owe it to yourself to check out a new video uploaded by Google itself. It's a how-to clip entitled "Getting Started," and it's perhaps the best look yet at what early Glass users can expect.

Once you watch, riddle us this: are you going to plunk down for a set later this year?