Google Shopping Express Same-Day Delivery Service Comes To Manhattan And LA

Google is determined to solve the first world problems of being ever-too-busy to find time to shop local brick and mortar stores, too impatient to wait for standard delivery, and unwilling to pay the up-charge for expedited shipping. Hey, these are real concerns, folks -- that empty Oreo bag isn't going to fill itself! However, if you live in Manhattan or West Los Angeles, Google will drop off a new bag right on your doorstep within a matter of hours of ordering via its Shopping Express service.

The same applies to the San Francisco Bay area, where Google first tested its local delivery service last year. Now it's being expanded into two more major locations, one each on separate ends of the continental coasts.

"With Google Shopping Express, there’s no need to schlep around town in a cab or sit in traffic while carrying home clunky, heavy items. All you have to do is browse products from many of your favorite local stores at, select a delivery window that works for you, and receive your order later that day," Google explains.

Google Shopping Express

Alternately, you can place your order on a mobile device through Google's Android or iOS app -- it doesn't get much more convenient than that.

One of the neat things about this same-day delivery service is that there are no mark-ups. The products cost the same whether you have Google deliver it to you or you march out and pick it up yourself. Even in-store discounts apply to your order, as well as any loyalty or rewards points you might be accruing at a particular store.

The service itself is free for six months as the search giant continues to test and tweak its offering. At some point, it's likely to carry a subscription fee.