Google Sees 1.5 Million Android Activations Daily as Platform Fast Approaches 1 Billion Devices

Things are going well for Google, if you'll allow us the understatement of the year. As we reported yesterday, Google might as well have a license to print money, having earned over $14 billion in the second quarter, up 19 percent from a year ago. Google-owned sites generated over half of that, contributing $8.87 billion, or 68 percent, of the total pie. And what of Android? We're glad you asked.

Google co-founder Larry Page reiterated during a conference call that Android activations are coming in a clip of 1.5 million devices per day. It's not clear how many end up deactivated as a result of phone upgrades, but no matter how you slice it, 1.5 million daily device activations is incredible.

Android Garden

Page also stated that there are now nearly 900 million Android devices that have been activated. At the current rate of new activations, it would take just over two months for Google to reach the 1 billion milestone, a milestone that's very much within reach and likely to be hit by the end of the year.

This all bodes well for Google Play, too. Google's app store hit a milestone of its own, surpassing 50 billion app downloads, which Apple's App Store reached in May.