Google Sees Surge In Chromebook Use In Education

It's quite possible that Google's Chromebook launched ahead of its time. Is the world truly ready to embrace a cloud-centric operating system? Chromebook adoption has been sluggish for sure, but in the areas that Google is concentrating on, progress is still being made. Specifically, enterprise and education. In a recent report, Google has noted a surge in uptake in the latter department. As of now, 2,000 schools are using Chromebooks for Education, which is actually twice as much as just three months ago.

Students with Chromebook

The most recent schools to join the fray include: Transylvania County Schools in rural North Carolina deploying 900 devices; top Catholic prep school St.Thomas Aquinas High School in Florida going one-to-one with 2,200 devices; and urban charter network Rocketship Education in the Bay Area of California using 1,100 Chromebooks as part of their blending learning approach. The Google Apps for Education community also continues to grow, with Chicago Public Schools bringing 270,000 students, teachers and administrators into the cloud.

Has a school near you hopped on the Chrome OS bandwagon? What about in your own home?