Google Search Adds 'Bartender' To Its Esteemed Resume, Shows How To Make Cocktails

A couple of months ago, we saw Google roll out a neat feature that allows people to view song lyrics right inside of their search, removing the need to visit any website (much to the chagrin of lyrics sites everywhere, I'd imagine). Now, we're seeing a similar thing for drinks.

While the lyrics feature requires a song to be available on Google's Play music service (and seems to be region-limited), all of the information for drinks is pulled straight from Wikipedia. Yes - literally everything is on Wikipedia. So, if you go to Google and search for something like, "how do I make a tequila sunrise", the answer awaits you.

Google Drink Instructions

As TechCrunch notes, this is another step in Google's goal of making its search engine act like a virtual assistant, perhaps to compete with the likes of Apple's Siri and Microsoft's Cortana. Going to a search engine to find something like a drink recipe is a little clunkier than those solutions, but it's important to note that this kind of search query works just fine through Google's 'Google' app. All that's missing is a female overlord to talk to you.

Anyone have any guesses about what sort of feature like this Google will roll out next?

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