Google Adds Song Lyrics To Search Results, Stymieing Lyrics Sites Everywhere

With Google responsible for at least 50% of the world's search traffic, I think it's safe to say that the company knows what it's doing in search -- but that doesn't mean that its service can't be improved over time. No one seems to realize that better than Google itself, as we've seen many features rollout over the years that have been really useful. Personal favorites of mine have been on-demand sports scores, Wikipedia snippets, as well as flight information.

This week, I can add another favorite to that list: lyrics.

As I'm sure many of you have, I've turned to Google whenever I've needed to make sure that I've been singing a line correctly, or to figure out what's being said at all (a common death metal issue!). While I'm rarely left without an answer, actually getting to that answer can be a pain. Most lyrics sites weigh their ads as more important than content (to the point where some don't even feel safe to visit), and/or disallow you to copy text for personal use - which could include merely pasting a line to a friend.

Google Lyrics

Google to the rescue. If you head to Google's search engine and type in a song name with "lyrics" after it, you could see a result like the one above. There's a major condition for this to work: the song has to be available on Google's Play Music service. Fortunately, as that service is filled to the brim with artists, that should mean most everything you need should be included.

Like most new features, this one will take some time to become available to everyone. I can't access the feature in Canada as of the time of writing, and still don't see success if I run through a U.S. proxy. That latter point could mean that not even the entire US will see this result yet. Friends of mine in the UK and Taiwan couldn't see the feature, either.

Nonetheless, if you can't see embedded lyrics yet, you can be rest-assured that they're on the way - and I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm pretty excited.