Google Accused Of Rigging Search Results In Hefty $2.4B Lawsuit

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According to the Oxford English Dictionary (as of 2006), the definition of the word Google means "to search." The popular search engine has been synonymous with web-based information searching for years. This also includes finding deals on consumer products, but with how things have been going lately for Alphabet's search branch (Google), it might get a new synonymous entry: Litigation. A price comparison service has launched a very expensive lawsuit against the search giant.

Today, price comparison service provider PriceRunner announced it is suing the popular search engine for a massive 2.1 billion Euros (about $2.4 billion). The lawsuit alleges Google uses its market dominance to push its price-comparisons tool to the top of search results instead of allowing fair market alternatives. The suit also claims Google has failed to comply with the European Commission's decision from 2017 concerning competition laws.
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"This is also a matter of survival for many European entrepreneurial companies and job opportunities within tech. If American tech giants, through a market position almost equal to a monopoly, are allowed to do exactly as they please and manipulate markets, we can almost certainly count on the fact that many tech companies in Europe will be affected far beyond the comparison shopping market in focus today." said CEO of PriceRunner Mikael Lindahl

The announcement by PriceRunner about the lawsuit includes details on how these results can affect the average consumer. There is potential that European consumers have overpaid billions on products over numerous years. Referencing research done by accountancy firm Grant Thornton, on average, Google Shopping results had a price range that were often 12-14 percent higher than alternative services. In more popular markets, like clothing and shoes, this range could get to 16-37 percent.
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Google is no stranger to litigation, recently seeing the likes of Sonos, and PUBG Mobile in court. This lawsuit is just one more to pile onto its ever growing list. PriceRunner does expect the price of this lawsuit to go up over time and accrue interest. You can view all the details PriceRunner revealed about the lawsuit here.