Google Researchers Achieve Quantum Supremacy In First Step To Surpassing Supercomputing

We are a little bit closer to making quantum computing an everyday reality. Google researchers reportedly created a quantum computer that has achieved “quantum supremacy”. The quantum computer was able to solve equations that would be nearly impossible for a supercomputer.

Google researchers recently developed “Sycamore”, a 53-qubit quantum computer. The computer was able to solve a mathematical equation that would have taken a supercomputer 10,000 years to solve, in a mere 200 seconds. They have also claimed that Sycamore performed another equation in 30 seconds that would have taken the Google Cloud server 50 trillion years to process.

A researcher remarked, “This dramatic speed-up relative to all known classical algorithms provides an experimental realization of quantum supremacy on a computational task and heralds the advent of a much-anticipated computing paradigm. To our knowledge, this experiment marks the first computation that can only be performed on a quantum processor.”

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Quantum computers rely on qubits or basic units of quantum information. There are two kinds of quantum computers -- digital and analog. Both kinds of devices employ various phenomenon and tactics to perform computations.

Google’s findings were initially posted on a website that is supported by NASA, but they have since been taken down. It is believed that NASA accidentally posted the research early before it could be peer-reviewed. The peer-review process in the scientific community frequently takes anywhere from a few weeks to several months. Neither Google nor NASA have offered a comment.

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Researchers from the Austrian Academy of Sciences, University of Vienna, and University of Science and Technology of China also recently achieved quantum teleportation. They were able to successfully teleport that three-dimensional quantum state of one photon to another. This kind of teleportation could have a huge impact on quantum computing. Quantum systems with higher dimensions are able to encode a larger amount of information and provide greater communication security.

Many researchers believe that quantum computing will increase exponentially. It is hoped that quantum computing will help from anything from artificial intelligence (AI) to the development of new drugs and batteries. We will hopefully learn more about the implications of this experiment once the paper is re-published.