Google Reportedly Phasing Out Windows In Favor Of OS X/Linux

Things just continue to get more and more interesting in the Google/Apple drama scenarios. Needless to say, both Google and Apple have been at each other's throats a little bit lately, but in the end, Google, Apple and Microsoft are all competing against one another, so it's not surprising to see a bit of bumping and nudging going on. But this? This is a new kind of blow, one that hurts the wallet and one that changes perceptions.

As with most major corporations, Google's employees used Windows-based machines almost exclusively. It's sort of a given when major companies select Windows machines for their staff, so no one really paid it any mind. But now, Google is reportedly "phasing out internal use of rival Microsoft Corp's Windows operating system because of security concerns following a Chinese hacking incident." You're all well aware of the Chinese hacking incident from earlier in the year, which led to Google taking a stand and refusing to filter search results in mainland China. Now, Google is looking to Apple and Linux-based machines to replace their workstations.

The report states that employees are now given the choice to select an OS X or Linux-based machine, with Windows machines requiring higher level approval. Google has yet to comment on the allegations, but quite a few inside sources are saying that this is all legitimate. If this were a much smaller company, it wouldn't be such a big deal. But to hear that Google, the world's search giant, doesn't trust Microsoft's systems in their own company? That's pretty major. Of course, no system is perfectly shielded from attacks, but it's a proven fact that Windows-based machines are targeted more often because there are so many more out there compared to Macs and Linux machines.

Will Google's stance have a domino effect throughout corporate America? It's too early to tell, but it'll be interesting to see if/how Microsoft responds.