Google Reportedly Getting Down To Business With Enterprise-Friendly Features In Next Android Release

Android is dominating the mobile market, but Google is still looking at new realms to conquer, and next on the horizon may be the enterprise. According to The Information’s two sources, (behind a paywall), Google is making a concerted effort to claim the enterprise ground that BlackBerry once held and preventing Apple from grabbing the same.

With the next release of Android, we should be seeing some business-friendly features that include the ability to store data directly on secure chips as well as stronger encryption overall. There could be apps that require special authentication such as biometric scanning before they can be accessed, and Google could create a separate approval process for enterprise apps with more stringent security requirements.

LG G Flex
It's business time?

Finally, the report says we can expect new APIs for device and app management that will allow IT managers to remotely wipe corporate data from a lost or stolen device--or, from a BYOD device that still belongs to an individual who has left the company for whatever reason.

These measures will surely lead to higher sales of Android handset fleets to businesses, but it should also bolster the BYOD trend such that Android devices would be even more welcome in the enterprise.