Google Releases A Flock Of New Wallpapers For Its Pixel 7a Smartphone

hero google wallpapers bird feathers
Google announced its new Pixel 7a smartphone during the company's IO 2023 event. With a new Pixel device comes new wallpapers and anyone can grab them now.

In a Google Design blog post, the company interviewed the art director behind its new wallpapers for the Pixel 7a. Eunyoung Park's followed the Google design team's vision of capturing technology through a living lens, and the results were designs "inspired by birds, feathers, and flight."

When asked what makes these new wallpapers different from others based on the natural world, Park explained that they took a new and fresh look at something that is often considered commonplace. He added, "You recognize it, you're comfortable with it, yet it feels somehow extraordinary in both composition and context."

Park said they were attracted to the bird's "liveliness, positivity, and daring, because those are all the qualities we associate with the brand itself." He went on to say that going with birds felt like a natural progression from the flower wallpapers they introduced with the Pixel 6 generation.

google wallpapers bird feathers
Sample images of new Pixel 7a wallpapers

The team photographed 30 bird species, with each having its own characteristics. Experts joined the effort to photograph the birds, ensuring the team, led by photographer Andrew Zuckerman, followed all the protocols of the American Humane Society.

The feathery photoshoot was only the beginning of the process to bring the incredibly detailed images to their final wallpaper design. The team went through device testing, color enhancement, and collaborations with the hardware, marketing, and retail marketing teams to choose the final products now available. Each photograph was ensured to look its best on a device, billboard, print, or video.

In order to try and encourage people to experiment with their Pixel devices, Park said the team "paid particular attention to creating a complete customization experience encompassing dynamic color themes." They also worked closely with the color team to make sure each wallpaper worked with each color variant offered.

The full set of new wallpapers can be found on the Google Design website and are available to download for any device.