Google Pixel 4 Recorder App Updates Add Transcriptions And Audio Search Capabilities

Google Pixel 4
Google is getting some of the apps that are already running on Pixel devices ready for the upcoming Pixel 4, which will debut at an event to be held on October 15. Another app update has landed adding new features for Pixel 4 users, with at least one Pixel user receiving an update to the Google Recorder app.

The Google Recorder app allows users to record audio from the microphone of the smartphone, and that is pretty much all it does. The update that recently landed allows the app to transcribe audio recordings automatically and enables the user to search audio recordings.

The images seen here come from Google Play and show what is changing in the app. The app screenshot with the dark background is said to be the welcome screen when the app is launched. The app does note that the audio recordings, transcriptions, and search features will work when offline.

recorder app update

In use, the audio transcription wasn't 100 percent accurate according to reports, however, we've yet to see any audio transcript that is completely accurate. The search feature can find a specific part of an audio recording by searching for a word or phrase in the recording. That is a cool feature, and anyone who records a meeting or lecture and wants to find specific parts will appreciate that feature. The app only supports transcription for English for now. Audio files can be directly uploaded to Google Drive.

There is a lot of cool stuff to look forward to with the Pixel 4 devices, which were recently leaked again in what appears to be official renders. Recently we talked about an update to the Google Personal Safety App that leaked early.