Google Personal Safety App Leaks, Can Automatically Dial 911 After A Car Crash

safety app
Sometimes new features that are coming to Android devices leak accidentally ahead of their official announcement. This is what has happened with the Google Personal Safety app that the search giant itself accidentally rolled out early. The leak confirms that car crash detection is coming, but it's unclear at this time if the Personal Safety app will come to all Pixel devices or if the app will only land on the coming Pixel 4 smartphone.

XDA-Developers reports that the integrated Emergency Information app on the Pixel 2 XL was updated this week to version 1.0.271601625 as "Personal Safety." The description in the app store has confirmed that car crash detection would be made available for Pixel devices in the States. 

The updated Google Play description for the app says that the Personal Safety app will assist you call 911 if the phone detects that the owner has been in an accident. Users can also enter medical information and choose emergency contacts. By default, that information will be offered when the phone is locked to help first responders.

The app also supports emergency sharing where users can share a short message and current location with emergency contacts. The phone running the app can also automatically dial 911 if it detects that the device has been in a car crash by using sensor readings from the accelerometer and microphone to detect when a crash has occurred. If the device believes that the user has been in an accident, it will vibrate and play a sound at maximum volume asking if you need help. If the user fails to respond the phone will dial 911 and provide your location. The first time we heard of this feature was back in May.