Google Promises Fix For Pixel 2 XL Phones That Have Unresponsive Screens

Google has been battling a number of issues relating to the LG-produced OLED display used on its new Pixel 2 XL Android Oreo flagship. While Google said that the burn-in issue is normal with an OLED and phones using similar screen tech have the same potential issue, it can't say that about some of the other issues that the smartphone must live with. The latest issue for some Pixel 2 XL owners has to do with screen edges that are unresponsive.

pixel 2 xl

Google has admitted the issue exists and has said it will sort it out in a future OTA update. The catch is that means at least for now if your Pixel 2 XL has the screen edge issue, you are stuck with it. The screen response issue is along the curved edges of the screen. The issue was first mentioned on the Pixel User Community forum and the user who first mentioned it noted that when he slid a finger across the curved edges, the screen responded as it should. However, when he tapped the edges the screen didn’t respond.

That poster also made a video with the Display Tester app "touch screen test" to show exactly what was going on. The video is below for those that wasn't to see it in action. Another user is having the same issue and created a video highlighting the issue when playing the game Call of Duty Heroes (that video is below as well).

A Google Community manager eventually viewed the thread and left a response stating, "Thanks for all the reports here, and to those that sent up additional info. The team has been investigating, and this will be addressed in a future OTA update." The assumption is that the issue causing the problem is overzealous accidental touch protection logic, something easily fixable with an OTA update.

The issue with the screen burn-in on Pixel 2 XL devices was first reported in October. Google eventually came back and said the burn-in issue was normal, but extended the warranty to two years. The Pixel 2 smartphone has also had its share of issues with a high-pitched whine and clicking sounds, which was addressed in a software update that also added additional color profiles to the Pixel 2 XL and aimed to fight the burn-in issue. Google isn’t the only iPhone maker using an OLED that is fighting screen issues, Apple also has a screen issue with recently reports surfacing about a green line of death issue.