Google Pressures Washington to Stop Introducing Bills Banning Glass While Driving

Should drivers be allowed to wear Google Glass while operating a motor vehicle? That's one of the questions politicians face as a growing number of states seek to pass legislation that would make it illegal to wear Google's head-mounted display while driving. Proponents of such bills claim that wearables like Google Glass can be distractions and could lead to accidents.

According to Reuters, no less than eight states are considering regulation of Google Glass, and this figures to be a hot topic for months to come. Legislatures in three other states -- New York, Maryland, and West Virginia -- have already introduced similar bills.

Google Glass Car
Image Source: Flickr (jurvetson)

Meanwhile, Google is fighting what it considers the good fight by lobbying officials in at least three U.S. states to nix proposed restrictions that would ban drivers from wearing devices like Glass while commuting in their cars. One of Google's arguments is that such legislation is premature since Glass isn't even widely available yet.

"We think it is important to be a part of those discussions," Google said in a statement about its lobbying efforts.

Back in October of last year, a California woman was issued a citation for wearing Glass while driving. She was initially pulled over for speeding, though the officer cited her for "Driving w/ monitor visible to driver (Google Glass)." She fought the ticket and won her case because there wasn't enough evidence to prove she had Google Glass turned on at the time.