Google Play Music Free Trial For New Subscribers Extends To Four Months

Google Play Music

Music lovers have a bunch of options when it comes to streaming on-demand subscription services. One of them is Google Play Music, which has attempted to set itself apart from the pack by tossing in free access to YouTube Red, its ad-free membership program for YouTube that also lets you save videos for offline viewing. If you're still on the fence, Google is currently offering a four month trial to kick its music service's tires.

That is up from two months, though it is not clear how long the promotion will last. In order to see the four-month offer, you must use a special link, which is a custom URL containing a coupon for the two additional months. Otherwise you'll see the regular free trial.

Google PLay Music Trial

After the free trial period, a subscription runs $10 per month for an individual, or $15 per month for a family with up six profiles, each of which can customize their own playlists and download songs for offline listening. The pricing is similar to the competition. Here is a breakdown of some other options:
  • Spotify: $10/month individual, $15 family (up to five people), $5 students
  • Apple Music: $10/month individual, $15 family (up to six people), $5 students
  • Slacker: $10/month individual
  • Groove (formerly Xbox Music): $10/month individual
  • Amazon Music: $10/month individual, $8/month (or $79/year) for Prime members
While similar, not all services are exactly the same. The music catalogs differ (some are better about serving up less more obscure tunes), and each one has distinct features. However, they all offer a free trial, with Groove being the only one to match Google in giving users four months to sample its service (the rest are three or less).

I have been a Google Play Music subscriber since the beginning and ended up cancelling my Spotify subscription, though not because Google has the better service. Instead, I was enticed by its introductory $8/month pricing. Google Play Music has improved over the years to where it would now be a more difficult decision to choose one over the other assuming equal pricing. That is where a free trial comes in handy.

Hit the source link to give Google Play Music an extended spin.