Google Play Music Comes to iOS

Some things are better late than never, and Google Play Music moseying on over to Apple's iOS platform is one of them. The Google Play Music All Access streaming service has been available for a little over 6 months, but up until now, the only (official) mobile app that existed was for Android. Users on other platforms were forced to load up the web interface via their HTML5 browser.

Not anymore, at least for iPhone users.

"Store up to 20,000 songs for free online and listen to them on your iPhone. The upload process is simple - you can select your iTunes folder during setup and we’ll build your library in the cloud," Google explains. "Or try All Access, our monthly music subscription service, which gives you an unlimited pass to a huge library of music. Create an ad-free, interactive radio station from any song or artist you love. Search for any artist from our collection of millions upon millions of songs and listen instantly. Browse recommendations from our expert music team and explore songs by genre. The '“Listen Now' tab puts artists and radio stations we think you’ll like front and center so you can start listening the minute you open your library."

Google Play Music

The app that's available on iOS works with both the free Google Play Music locker service, as well as the All Access subscription service, the latter of which runs $9.99 per month for unlimited streaming of millions of songs, personalized radio from any song or artist, radio listening with unlimited skips, and smart recommendations based on your tastes.

Unsure? Google offers a free 30-day trial of its service.