Google Play Music App Tops 500 Million Android Downloads, Joins Select Company

It didn't take long for Google Play Music All Access (still a terrible name) to assert itself in the streaming music category and become a legitimate contender to the likes of Spotify and Slacker. But don't just take our word for it, take a gander at the number downloads the Google Play Music app has notched to date for Android -- over 500 million times on Google Play.

That figure only includes the number of downloads on Google Play and doesn't take into account any downloads on iOS devices through iTunes. Even without that qualifier, it's still an impressive feat, as the Google Play Music app joins select company in Google Play's "500,000,000 - 1,000,000,000" category.

Google Play Music

According to Android Police, which was one of the first sites to recognize the feat, Google and Facebook (after the Whatsapp acquisition) are the only developers in the Play Store to have reached the 500 million download mark with apps like Chrome and Hangouts proving highly popular. Should Google Play Music move onto the next tier, it will join everyday mainstays like Gmail and YouTube. Not bad for a Johnny-come-lately streaming service.

That said, Google Play Music has an advantage in the downloads department by being the stock music player that ships with Android, the most popular OS in the world. In that regard, the number of downloads by be a bit inflated. It's also worth pointing out that downloads don't necessarily translate into separate users.

If you haven't checked it out but are interested, you can download Google Play Music on Google Play or iTunes.