Google Play Games Update Expands Multiplayer Support To iOS

While Microsoft considers whether or not to take its ball and go home, Google wants to play with everybody. The company’s Google Play Games is dropping some new features this week at GDC, including the expansion of multiplayer support for iOS devices.

That’s right--Android and iOS gamers can challenge each other, in turn-based and real-time multiplayer games, thanks largely to the new Play Games Unity Plugin and an early Play Games C++ SDK that also supports leaderboards and achievements.

Google Play game gifts
Game Gifts

Other features include the ability to send your pals in-game objects with “game gifts”, direct multiplayer invites, and 18 new game categories in the Google Play Store. For devs, the Google Play Developer Console is getting enhanced Play Game stats to help understand player engagement, daily active users, and more, as well as the ability to include in-app ads.

Google Play Games already had plenty of other features, perhaps most notably the ability ro save your game progress in the cloud.