Google Play Games Freed From Mandatory Google+ Prerequisite

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Google’s long-needed quest to untangle its core services from the mediocre web of Google+ is finally picking up the pace. The exodus continues today, as you will no longer need a Google+ account in order to access the Play Games service.

Google notes that gamers will only have to sign-in once using their standard Google account and will no longer have to sign-in for future games, as this process will become automatic. This means that gamer will no longer be presented with an annoying popup telling them to sign-in for each title. If you’re not a fan auto-sign-in, you can always disable the feature in settings.

If you’re a current user of the Play Games service, you’ll see no interruption and will keep your existing Google+ associated ID. For gamers new to the service, you’ll have to acquire a new Player ID which is separate from your Google account for privacy reasons, or course.

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Google also lists some potential hiccups that developers might run into courtesy of these changes, but this would only be an issue if Google+ functionality is baked directly into their software. However, given the generally negative vibes surrounding the Google+ platform, we seriously doubt that this will be a problem for most developers.

Google says that this latest move was made to “reduce sign-in friction and unnecessary permission requests for players,” but we all know that this is just the latest in the agonizingly slow death march that awaits Google+.

Google took the first step to rid weary Google users of Google+ by reforming Google+ Photos into Google Photos last May and uncoupling the failed social network from YouTube in July.