Google Placing Hundreds Of Chromebooks In 41 U.S. States

Chrome is doing great. Android is doing great. Google is doing great. But what about Chrome OS? And what about Chromebooks? These machines were set to revolutionize the notebook industry, and we've heard radio silence on them ever since Google I/O 2011. But it sounds like Google's working overtime behind the curtains in order to get these positioned in places where adoption is going to be easier than in the consumer market. According to TechCrunch, reporting from the Florida Educational Technology Conference, Google has placed "hundreds" of Chromebooks across schools in 41 U.S. states. Even today, hundreds of schools are already using them, but few specific figures were given beyond that.

It was reported that three new deployments of these machines will soon his various schools, with 27,000 students provided with Chromebooks on a 1:1 ratio. It's quite possible that digging into consumers from the school is truly the way to go. Apple too started with education years back and worked outward; perhaps if students grow used to Chrome at school, they'll want it at home.

Either way, these machines feel like a good fit in education; perhaps more so than in average, every day use of consumers. We're just glad that Google's not shelving the whole thing. The company has been killing faltering initiatives left and right lately, so it's good to hear Chrome OS is a dream that's still alive.