Google Pixel 2 XL Woes Continue With Complaints Of Odd Buzzing Sound From Speakers

It seems as though Google just can't catch a break with its Pixel 2 family of smartphones. The Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL launched two months ago and fresh out of the gate there were issues regarding audio, devices shipping without their Android operating system, and OLED burn-in. Now, we're learning of new issues regarding the speakers on the Pixel 2 XL.
Pixel 2 XL In Hand Outside

According to reports that are littering reddit and Google's own Product Forums, some users are experiencing buzzing and rattling sounds emanating from speaker. While it's not a foreign concept to hear some slight rattling/buzzing from a smartphone's speaker when it is cranked up to maximum volume while playing music (or watching a movie, or playing a game), these new reports suggest that the annoying buzzing in some cases occurs even when audio is played back at low levels.

User reports on the problem are extremely varied, with some stating that the problem only occurs at loud volumes, while others indicate that it happens at all volume levels. Likewise, some report that the issue affects both speakers, while some are only seeing problems with one speaker.

To listen to the buzzing/rattling sounds that are driving Pixel 2 XL owners crazy, fire up the YouTube video below:

While such quality control issues are of no concern to some users, there are others that want a near-perfect device when they're paying close to $1,000 out of pocket (the Pixel XL starts at $849 and tops out at $949). If the issue is really grating on you, it appears that Google is accepting RMAs for this specific issue.