Google Pixel 2 Leak Confirms Stereo Speakers And Dated Thick Display Bezels

New phones are on the horizon from several manufacturers. There is the iPhone 8 looming in the horizon from Apple, the Galaxy Note 8 from Samsung, and second generation Pixel and Pixel XL handsets from Google. In regards to the latter, leaked photos of a Pixel XL 2 phone have found their way to the web and provide some clues as to what Google has been cooking up.

One of the photos shows a whole bunch of stickers on the back of the device. This is likely because it is an early developer prototype. Exactly how early and how close to the finalized design is not known. Assuming the phone in these photos is pretty close to the final mold, we can expect Google to go with a smaller back glass panel compared to the original Pixel.handset launched last year.

Google Pixel 2
Image Source: GSMArena

The photos also show a Pixel device that is a bit more rectangular in shape than the original version. While the corners are still rounded, the overall shape is a ittle more boxy. Adding to the effect are thicker bezels. That is probably the most surprising thing here, as smartphone makers have started trending towards increasingly small bezels on new smartphone designs. According to the leaked photos, the top and bottom bezels on the Pixel 2 are pretty big.

It looks like Google has upgraded the audio on the Pixel 2. Instead of having a single speaker cutout, there are now speaker grills both above and below the display for stereo audio. This is an area that often gets overlooked, as smartphone makers tend to focus their efforts on camera performance above all else. That's not to say we are expecting stellar audio from the Pixel 2, but any kind of upgrade in that department is always appreciated.

Overall it does not look like the Pixel 2 is going to stray too far from the original's design. That was the takeaway from a previous leak, and it seems to be reinforced with these latest pictures as well.

As far as specs go, while not cutting edge on the outside, it's rumored that both the Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2 will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 system-on-chip (SoC).