Google Photos Reaches 100 Million Monthly Users Five Months After Debut

It was right around five months when Google Photos gained its own identity outside of Google+ as a standalone application, and in that time it's attracted over 100 million monthly active users, Google revealed in a blog post today. To celebrate the milestone, Google compiled a list of interesting data based on the photos people take.

For example, Google notes that "you're all foodies... or at least you want people to think you are." Besides people, food is what Google Photos users take pictures of the most, Google says. No surprise there considering that social networks are often littered with posts about what friends and family members had for lunch, dinner, and so forth.

Google Photos 1 Million

As far as events go, Google listed the most popular occasions captured in photos. Birthdays made the list, though surprisingly it's not the most photographed event. Going in order starting with the most popular, they include weddings, concerts, Christmas, dancing, birthdays, and clubs.

Perhaps the most surprising factoid is which animal appears in Google Photos the most. Surely it must be cats, right? You're barking up the wrong tree. Despite the Internet community's obsession with felines and cat memes, Google Photos users take more pictures of dogs than any other animal.

Google says we've collectively created more than 15 million animations and collages. It also claims to have freed up 3,720 terabytes of storage, which is the equivalent of filling up a 16GB phone with photos every day for 637 years.