Google Moto Maker App Let's Your Design Your Own Moto X Superphone

Though the new Moto X smartphone, by Google's Motorola Mobility division, may not offer many ground-breaking new technologies from a pure hardware perspective, the device does introduce a number of firsts in terms of features and functionality. The phone's Touchless "OK Google Now" Control, for example, is more than just a novelty with significant practical benefits, especially in the car, when picking up the device could be inconvenient or even dangerous.

Motorola Moto X Design It Activation Card

Further along those lines, we got a little card in the mail from AT&T, that also introduces a first of sorts with respect to smartphone retail and product customization.  Motorola's new "Moto Maker" online app (a hat-tip perhaps to the 3D Printing crowd?) let's you customize your Moto X aesthetically in a number of ways, to give your new Moto X a personalized look and feel.

The Moto X Moto Maker online app lets you select color options from three different palettes (cool, neutral and warm) for the back casing of the phone, along with various color selections for power button, volume rocker and camera accents.  You can also select between white and black finishes for the front of the phone.

From there you can select a power-on message of your choice, as well as signature options and device features, like 16 or 32GB storage.

Though we were tempted to go with HotHardware's palette of royal blue and firey orange, we ended up building a more subdued navy blue device with royal blue metallic accents.  We should be able to see the result of our creative genius with Moto Maker in about 7 days, according to the site's delivery notice. 

We have to hand it to Motorola of thinking outside the box a bit with this one, but we wonder how long the program will last and what sort of materials management nightmare this might cause for the folks on the production line.  Alas, no bother, it couldn't be half as bad as what iPhone manufacturing techs have to endure.