Google Maps Is All About Memorial Day: Update Delivers Enhanced Traffic Alerts, Alternate Routes

With less than two work days remaining until the start of the long Memorial Day weekend, many minds are turning to thoughts having nothing at all to do with work... loved ones lost to service or currently serving, barbecue, baseball, hanging at the beach or pool, that first donning of white pants and shoes after a long winter in storage... and traffic

One of the most road-traveled weekends of this or any year in the USA, many of those who will be behind the wheel over Memorial Day weekend will go so far as to work out time lost to traffic in their planning. All of which serves to make Google's latest update to 
Google Maps quite compelling. 

Yesterday, Google announced new traffic alerts for Google Maps via its Google Maps blog specifically designed to help Memorial Day revelers get the most out of their three-day holiday weekend. In detail, the new Google Maps features include:
  • Upcoming traffic conditions information, to help with choosing alternative routes 
  • Alerts of traffic congestion ahead and the amount of expected wait time 
  • Presentation of alternate routes, with indication of why they are recommended 
Also offered via the Google Maps blog entry were "Top Google Maps Trends", which features insight as to how people around the country celebrate Memorial Day, based on the top six trending searches from 2014. High on the list were excursions to the beach and to the cemetery, starting in on summertime eating, and — whodathunkit — shopping.

Along with Google's traffic alerts upgrades to Google Maps, the company also leveraged data collected last year to offer "Top Google Maps Destination Searches" for Memorial Day weekend for several cities, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, and New York City.

So while the jury remains sequestered, bickering as to whether Google is doing evil or not, at least we can be sure that its hearts and intentions are in the right place for the imminent holiday weekend.