Google Goes On Broad Password Reset Spree After Potential Nest Account Compromise

Some Nest users have been having problems of late with people gaining access to their accounts and spying on them, using their own security cameras, according to reports. The reason for this in some instances is that the Nest users chose passwords that were ineffective or left at default. Google has sent out emails that were very vague warning users that someone else having their credentials could cause the issues that some other Nest users have reported. That email tried to get users to choose better passwords, but most people didn't bother and chose to ignore the Nest team's guidance.

nest cam

Nest's parent company, Google, is also now taking it a step further and is proactively locking people out of their accounts, if Nest believes their account has been compromised. Once locked out of an account, the user will be unable to use the Nest app and receive notifications from their cameras or any other Nest device, as would be any unauthorized user. However, if you have a Nest Protect smoke alarm, its integrated alarms will still work.

Nest is currently emailing users who are locked out of their accounts and the email reportedly tells users how to reset their accounts, via the app. Anytime you get locked out of accounts for security purposes, it is annoying. However, being locked out is much better than have strangers spying on you and your family in your home, using your very own security products. As for the exact issue that Google is addressing with these forced lockouts, the search giant has made no comment on if there has been some sort of breach involving user information. Last we spoke of Nest products was when Google updated the Nest Secure system with support for Google Assistant. Hopefully this security issue resolves itself sooner rather than later.