Google I/O 2023: When Google's Developer Event Takes Place And What To Expect

io 2023
Google has announced details for the 2023 I/O conference in its usual roundabout way: with a puzzle. Google updated its I/O website with the new puzzle on Tuesday, and mere hours later, it was solved. Google then revealed the May 10th starting date. While many events are loosening their pandemic-era restrictions, Google is not. You more than likely won't be able to see the event in person, but Google will have its customary live streams.

Google I/O will kick off on May 10th with a keynote by CEO Sundar Pichai. There will also be numerous sessions with Google engineers covering products like Android, Chrome, search, AI, and Assistant. In the past, I/O has been a three-day affair, but it has been scaled back to two days in recent years. This time, the I/O website only lists the May 10th date instead of multiple days. We won't know for certain if that means an even more compressed I/O this year until Google provides a full schedule.

The last time Google had a full I/O conference was in 2019, prior to the onset of the pandemic in 2020. It canceled I/O that year, and in subsequent years the event was heavily scaled back and shifted to a mostly virtual experience. This year will be no different, with in-person attendance limited to Google employees and a small cadre of press. So, this will be another developer-focused conference that developers can't even pay to attend.
We expect to hear a lot about AI this year, and Google has something to prove here. The company's demo of its Bard AI is widely seen as a disaster after the chatbot made a significant error in one of the few example queries provided by Google. Google was riding high on a stock bump that materialized after its recent round of layoffs, but the Bard flub caused it to lose even more value than it gained.

I/O 2023 will also likely include news on the upcoming Pixel Tablet, Google's first Android-powered slate since the ill-fated Pixel C. There's also Android 14, which debuted recently as a developer preview. I/O is usually where Google begins detailing the user-facing features of its next OS—you should expect to see a What's New in Android session even on a compressed I/O schedule. You can register now to get more information when it's available.