Google Invests In Himax Technologies for Glass Display Manufacturing

Despite ongoing privacy concerns, Google is pressing ahead with Google Glass and the competition, while not exactly heating up, is at least starting to take shape. Google’s latest big step in the wearable display push is its recent investment in Himax Technologies, which makes display tech for small and wearable devices. The move could position Google to increase production of Google Glass.

Google Glass, which is a display that  sits over one eye.

Google’s investment in the Taiwanese chipmaker starts at 6.3 percent of the Himax business unit that handles wearable display chips. Google can bump its stake within a year to as much as 14.8 percent.  The companies haven’t said what the value of the deal is, but they indicated in will be completed before the end of the current quarter. If you’re not familiar with Google Glass, check the out Google’s FAQ, which does a pretty good job of explaining the technology and how Google intends to handle privacy issues.