Google Touts New Authentication Measures To Boost Security For Android Devs

google introducing new security measures for developers
Ensuring accounts are secure is an important part of being online, as there are always people out to try and get you. This is especially true for app developers who may be targeted for the data they do or could possess. Thus, Google is introducing new security measures for developers to help strengthen accounts and better understand their needs.

The first new security measure Google is implementing is new identification requirements when creating a new Google Play dev account. As of now, Google only asks for an email address and phone number; however, this update will add account type, contact name, physical address and will also require users to verify their email and phone number. This information, which will not be public-facing, will allow Google to “share important information and updates about your app,” while ensuring that every account has an actual person behind it.

After you have an account, Google will then require its 2-Step Verification, better known as two-factor authentication. This is incredibly easy to set up and use, as well as providing “an additional safeguard to help protect your account, your app, and your users.” Realistically, anyone with a Google account should use this feature and can learn more about it here.

As far as the rollout of these changes goes, developer account owners can declare their account type and verify contact information now, but this is optional unless users want to update their contact details. Beginning in August, all new developer accounts must abide by the changes listed above, with existing developer accounts to follow the changes later in the year. At the end of the day, though these security policies may seem intrusive to some, this is a great move for the privacy and security of developers and app users alike.