Google In Apps Search Can Sniff Out Content Lurking In Your Apps, Even While Offline

One of the most obvious facts on Earth is that Google loves search. It's for good reason: it's how the company began, and it's what's needed to fuel its products outside of search. There's a reason most of the world's population goes to Google over other providers for search: the big G is really good at it.

Well, what about searching for information that's not in a singular place; or, information you need but you can't remember where you stored it? Take for example a scenario where a friend gave you an address, but you can't remember whether it was sent to you through Gmail, Hangouts, or something else. For that, Google introduces "In App" search.

Google Now Inapp Search

At the moment, only a handful of apps support this functionality, but we'd imagine that many more will add support in the near-future. In App searching works through the Google app, so it can be called-upon with the words "OK, Google". After a search is made, you'll see different categories underneath the search bar; here, you can scroll to the right and click on the In Apps option.

In the screenshot above, simple results are provided for apps that don't have explicit results, although if you have traces of the query in your Gmail, that will be shown first and foremost (we excluded it from the screenshot for the sake of the results being private conversations).

This functionality could prove to be hugely useful to those who need information fast. All of the queries we tested executed in just a second or two. After a quick bout of testing, it's not hard to get the feeling like this could be a piece of functionality we would soon want to not go without. In fact, the most puzzling thing here is the fact that it took quite so long to reach us!