Google Honors 37 Years of Breakout with Web Based Fun

When it comes to major technological anniversaries, we tend to focus on the big ones. 10 years, 25 years, 50 years, etc. But for some reason, Google just can't wait for the big 4-0 when it comes to Atari's legendary Breakout title. On the famed game's 37th birthday, Google has overhauled the image search results for Atari Breakout. For those familiar with Google's goofing, you'll know that it has a habit of playing with Doodles on the homepage -- even going so far as to include a real-deal Pac-Man game there in years past.

The easter egg is active right now, allowing you to play a Google version of Breakout right in your browser. But hurry up -- there's no telling how long it'll stay in place.