Google Home Is Buy One, Get One Free Today At Best Buy

Google Home
When it comes to AI smart speakers currently on the market, the two dominant players on the market are Amazon's Alexa-powered Echo family and the newly expanded Google Home family. During the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales bonanza, the "original" Google Home was available for as low as $79, which is a $50 price break from its normal MSRP.

However, Best Buy is far surpassing those deals with its current two-pack offer on the Google Home. The $129 price that you would normally pay for a single Google Home will instead get you two for the same price. So, you're essentially pay $65 for each Google Home, which represents another $15 savings off what was possible during Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

googlehome two pack

Of course, if you have no intention of purchasing multiple devices, this might not be the deal for you. However, for many people, it's hard to stick with just one AI smart speaker once you learn to appreciate their usefulness around the house. And even if you don't want two, you can always keep one and gift one.

Google is constantly upgrading and improving the Google Home to make it a worthy competitor for the Amazon Echo family. Most recently, the Google Home gained the ability to perform local searches for services. "To get started, say 'Ok Google, find me a plumber' to your Assistant on your Android phone, iPhone or voice activated speaker, like Google Home," wrote Google Assistant Product Lead Gummi Hafsteinsson. "The Assistant will then ask you a few follow up questions and you’ll get a list of some local options nearby."

Google's AI smart speaker family consists of the Google Home, Google Home Mini and the Google Home Max. The latter will begin shipping on December 11th.