Google Hits Back Against Chrome OS Obituaries, Says Software Is 'Here To Stay'

Google Chrome OS
“The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.” Google probably feels the exact same way about Chrome OS, as a credible report last week aired that suggested Chrome OS would be given the boot, with much of its functionality being rolled into the dominant Android operating system.

Google addressed the rumors today via its official Chrome blog and indicated that the future is bright from Chrome OS. Google referenced the speculation that “Chrome OS will be folded into Android,” but went on to state that Chrome OS is far from dead. “While we’ve been working on ways to bring together the best of both operating systems, there's no plan to phase out Chrome OS.” said Hiroshi Lockheimer, SVP for Android, Chrome OS and Chromecast.

In fact, Lockheimer explained that there are a number of updates in store for Chrome OS including a UI refresh based on Material Design, better performance, security enhancements, and a new media player.  “With our regular six-week software cycle and guaranteed auto-updates for five years, Chromebooks keep getting better over time,” Lockheimer added.

Google Chrome OS

Lockheimer went on to proudly proclaim that 30,000 new Chromebooks are activated in classrooms every school day and that there will be dozens of fresh Chromebooks hitting the marketplace in 2016. The $85 ASUS Chromebit, which is also powered by Chrome OS-based computing stick, will also make it retail debut in the coming weeks.

However, we have to keep in mind that Google is talking about the immediate future of Chrome OS and its product life through 2016 — the initial report that that talked about the merger of Chrome OS and Android said that the conjoined operating system would bow in 2017. So both the initial report and Google’s follow-up could both actually be right; but we’ll just have to wait to see what the future holds.