Google Merging Android With Chrome OS, Will Offer Sneak Peek Next Year At I/O

One of the hottest rumors on the web right now is that Google is planning to merge its Android operating system for mobile devices with its Chrome OS for laptops and desktops. And why not? When you think about it, there's no longer a hard line between personal computers and mobile gadgets, at least in terms of capabilities.

As the rumor goes, Google's been working to combine Android and Chrome OS for the past couple of years. Progress is slow but steady, and if all goes to plan, the Mountain View firm will introduce the new OS during its Google I/O conference in 2017. A preview version is expected to emerge next year.

Chromebook Flier

If Google goes through with this, it would leave Apple as the odd man out. Microsoft saw the writing on the wall a long time ago, and though it tripped a bit with Windows 8, it's now running full steam with Windows 10 across multiple device categories. Meanwhile, Apple shows no signs of abandoning either Mac OS X or iOS.

As for Google, it doesn't have a huge stake in the personal computer market. Chromebooks running Chrome OS have found their biggest audience in education, but businesses and home users haven't been as receptive.


The opposite is true of Android. It's the most popular mobile OS on the planet with a global market share of nearly 83 percent, according to data by International Data Corporation. By bringing personal computers into the fold, Google will increase its footprint on computing devices even further.

What do you think about Google's plan to combine Android and Chrome OS? Is it making the right move, or does Apple have it right in maintaining separate OSes for computers and mobile products?