Google Helpouts Video Chat Service Targeted For Termination On April 25

Fans of Google's Helpouts video support service will be sad to know that it's shutting down on April 20, 2015. Google announced the discontinuation of Helpouts on the service's dedicated website, saying that it was "sad" to issue the news, but that slow growth ultimately forced the search giant to make a tough decision.

"Since launching in 2013, Helpouts has been a home for people to connect with experts on topics they want to learn about or seek advice and solutions to everyday problems. The Helpouts community includes some engaged and loyal contributors, but unfortunately, it hasn't grown at the pace we had expected. Sadly, we've made the tough decision to shut down the product," Google said.


You may never have even heard of the service, which is one of the reasons that led to its demise. The idea behind Helpouts was to provide Internet users with paid and free support sessions on a variety of topics. It could be anything from fitness and bodybuilding, to math tutoring and even help with understanding ancient Hebrew.

For non-free sessions, charges could be by the minute, a block of minutes, or per hour. If you wanted to become "Fluent in Physics" with help from Jesse Miner, for example, it would run you $0.75 per minute or $40 for a 1-hour session. Or you could hit up Matt Buffardi for a "Biology Tutor for Student Homework Help and Topic" for free.

It's a neat idea on concept, though the lack of promotion combined with Google's YouTube service being filled with how-to videos you can watch for free probably staggered its growth.

Once it shuts down on April 20, you'll be able to download your Helpouts history by using Google Takeout, which will be available until November 1, 2015.