Google Heats Up Fitness War With Impending “Google Fit” Platform

We probably don’t really need another health tracking platform or app at this point, but everyone is making them anyway. Most notably, Apple has its HealthKit (coming this fall with iOS 8) that should unlock all sorts of health- and fitness-tracking possibilities for developers, and Google is reportedly following suit.

According to Forbes’ sources, Google will announce its own health-tracking platform called Google Fit at its I/O dev conference on June 25-26th.

Android Wear
Android Wear UI

Google Fit will aggregate data from multiple fitness trackers and other health apps using open APIs and instruction sets. In terms of fitness tracking, this is actually a rather brilliant strategy; there are increasing numbers of biometric wearables and platforms, and having the ability to use a number of different ones yet put all that data into one organized pile is surely attractive to users.

For Google, that encourages users of all fitness and health trackers to rely on the search giant. Google Fit will also presumably tie in to Android Wear (whatever exactly that becomes), and altogether that makes for a fairly broad fitness and health platform for Google.