Google Glass XE11 Update Brings More Personal Map Directions And Calendar Search, Removes Long Press

Every month, Google Glass gets another update as the closely-watched beta test continues to roll on and expand. The latest update, XE11, brings with it a few handy new features and removes one that Google believes was not very useful in the end.

Google Glass users can now tell Google Maps where they live and work, so when you want to travel to one of the other, you get more personalized map directions because Google will better understand what you want. Glass users’ calendar is more personal now, too, as they can now check their schedule right from Glass and search for calendar details.

Google Glass directions

Users can can now also screencast to their smartphones directly from their notifications; there’s a “Start screencast” button to click under the notification drawer. It’s also now easier to set up Glass for the first time. A new tutorial takes you through swiping, connecting Glass to your phone, and so on.

Google Glass calendar

Finally, Google has removed the long press function that launches a Google search. Apparently a lot of users were doing that by mistake, so now if you want to do a Google search, either do three slow taps or just say, “OK Glass, Google [fill in the blank]” from the Home screen.