Google Glass To Receive Complete Overhaul For Its Next Release

Google Glass is going on hiatus and when it returns, the revamped, computerized eyewear will be a completely different animal than its predecessor. Last month, Google shut down the Glass Explorer program, which was a semi-public testing program for the prototype Glass. It appears that the plan now it to completely rebuild the Glass from scratch, using what was learned from the prototype.

Google Glass is going aways, but will return after a massive re-imagining.
Image Credit: Google

Don’t expect to see the Glass again anytime soon. Where the Google X team first released the Glass into the world very early in the development process (
too early, according to some), the team is now taking more of a “it’s done when it’s done” type of approach. Tony Fadell, who made his mark by founding Nest Labs and eventually selling it to Google, is leading the Glass team. He is expected to scratch the old Glass and design entirely new computerized eyewear. 

Google Glass is expected to have new functionality and will only be released when it's ready.
DVF Made For Glass. Image Credit: Google

Building a wearable computer seems like a reasonable step for someone who has developed a reputation for overseeing successful product development at both Apple and Nest. Nest is known as much for making the homely thermostat stylish as for the Nest’s power-saving features. The new Glass will need to be easier to wear and use and must overcome the security concerns that plagued the prototype. The original Google Glass was banned from movie theaters (to prevent unauthorized recording) and even prompted concerns that it could hurt users’ eyes.