Google Glass Now For Sale To Anyone In The US, Still $1500 Or Roughly 10X The Cost

If you know anything about Google's history, you'll know that the company loves beta products. Gmail was in beta for years, and even after it left that phase of its life, Google allowed users to retain the "beta" graphic -- yes, that many people just couldn't let go of what was. Now, Google Glass is finally breaking into its most daunting beta phase yet, as Google has announced that anyone in the United States can purchase a Google Glass Explorer headset for $1500 (roughly 10x what it costs to physically build one, as it turns out).

Previously, the headsets were limited to those who were invited to purchase one, while a one-day all-access sale a few weeks ago saw brisk movement and a quick "Sold out" status. Now, more hardware has arrived, and new Explorers are being asked to jump in with no hoops to jump through.

Well, except for that stinger of a price tag. Glass has continued to evolve as a product, though, with new apps and tweaks being pushed out on a near-monthly basis.

Still, those who don't have plenty of extra coin to throw around are best waiting for the eventual consumer version. It's likely that the consumer edition will be far less expensive, have better battery life, and will just generally be more ready for the mainstream's adoption.