Google Glass Illegal While Driving? Motorist Gets Ticketed by Police

Heads up for all you California motorists, and perhaps drivers in all 50 states. If you're donning a pair of Google Glasses while behind the wheel of your car, you might get a ticket. Cecilia Abadie found that out the hard way when she was issued a citation by a police officer in California for what essentially amounts to distracted driving.

The first item on the ticket is for speeding, which is probably the reason she was pulled over in the first place rather than for wearing Google Glass. However, she was also cited for her headgear, with the officer likening the infraction to "driving with monitor visible to driver."

Google Glass ticket

"Is Google Glass illegal while driving or this cop wrong??? Any legal advice is appreciated!!," Abadie posted on her Google Plus page. "This happened in California. Do you know any other Glass Explorers that got a similar ticket anywhere in the U.S.?"

Abadie might be the first person to receive a citation for wearing Google Glass, but will she be the last? Delaware and West Virginia passed laws that prohibit wearable computing devices with head mounted displays while driving. However, the California officer took it a different direction by comparing Glass to a monitor, and it will be interesting to see how the courts rule if Abadie decides to fight the infraction.