Google Glass Explorers Get To Invite Three Friends To The Party

Up to now, there have been precious few Google Glasses in the wild, with the number limited to the few thousand Google Glass Explorers who ponied up $1,500 for the first round of Explorer Edition beta spectacles, but according to a post on the Google Glass Google+ page, in the next few weeks current Explorers will be able to invite three friends to join the Google Glass party.

The Glass team also announced that Google Glass is getting some new and improved hardware, which will allow new Glass devices to accommodate different shades and even prescription frames as well as a mono earbud. Current Explorers can opt for a one-time-only swap of their current specs for a new pair with the improved hardware.

Google Glass

Essentially, what’s happening in that Google is launching a second round of Google Glass beta testing. Okay, Google; get those things perfected and into the marketplace ASAP.

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